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Over the last eight years, Dom’s Food mission has grown beyond all recognition, we even continued throughout the Covid pandemic. We now have a central collection and distribution hub along with four satellite hubs operating five days a week with weekend food collections going straight to community support groups.

Dom’s Food Mission has also created the Helping Hand project, where we teach the life skills of cooking, food hygiene and nutrition to children in a live kitchen environment. The meals the children create can then be taken home as a family meal.

But we did not stop there. In 2022 we raised £5000 for our essential living project which helped us distribute essential living items to children most in need. We also set up our yearly Christmas Santa’s grotto, in 2022 seeing over 400 children receiving gifts kindly donated by the community and then given out by our very own Santa (Kevin Swaffer). Dom’s Food Mission believes that supporting children gives us all a better future.

With the humanitarian importance of reducing the planet’s carbon emissions, Dom’s Food Mission is playing its part. Our Helping Hand Project along with our Food Hubs operations has over the last two years saved 199.614 metric tons of food from being wasted, astonishingly, this equates to 379,266.60 kg of Co2 emissions prevented from entering our atmosphere.

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